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Innovative solution providing remedy and rehabilitation for spine


Procedure cost

350 uah

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-25 %

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Procedure includes the following:

30 to 60 minutes
Initial consultation with rehabilitation therapist Analysis of MRI findings; Prescription of individual course of procedures;
40 to 60 minutes
Procedure using Nebolit complex under the supervision of experienced massage therapists;
10 to 15 minutes
Manual massage aimed at enhancing therapeutic effect;
Patient dynamic follow up, adjustment of the course;
Setting out final recommendations.


The method we use in the "Nebolit" Сenter is based on a massage complex, allowing to influence on paravertebral regions of spine. Special rods of the device are set in an intervertebral space in the region of spinal nerve roots between horizontal spinous processes. Traction impulse in the area of exposure is generated when patient bends and unbends his knees during the procedure. Dynamic load helps to improve local and general blood circulation, which is necessary for the regeneration of damaged intervertebral disc.

The procedure lasts about 40 minutes. Average course consists of 15 procedures.

Effects of exposure:
  • pain relief
  • muscle and ligament spasm relief
  • reduced compression of intervertebral discs
  • increased space between the vertebrae
  • reduced size of hernia
  • restored elasticity of ligaments and muscles

In our center you can also take a course of therapeutic massage on manual appointment

Procedure Polysegmental massage Body massage Neck massage Lumbar massage Upper limb massage Lower limb massage Spine correction
Cost 250 uah 450 uah 160 uah 160 uah 130 uah 160 uah 100 uah
Duration of the procedure 30 minutes 75 minutes 15 minutes 15 minutes 15 minutes 15 minutes -
Description hairy part of the neck, collar area, the thoracic, lumbar, buttocks legs, arms, abdomen, back hairy part of the neck, shoulder blade area thoracic Inferior department, thoracic and lumbar region hands, forearms, shoulder blade area shin, front and back of the thigh 1 division

In our center you can also take a course of therapeutic massage on manual appointment

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044 227 8 777

067 314 8 777

20 Heroiv Stalingrada prosp., 
Kyiv, Ukraine

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